danse reliance, arts sacrés du mouvement | Sonia Aubel
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“Don’t look for love. Better look for and find all the obstacles that you build to prevent yourself from living.” R√ªmi

Sonia Aubel concentrates herself on the movement sacred art study. She teaches « consciousness in dance when it becomes sacred…”.

She rigorously, gently, deeply transmits Samâ sacred dance.

She graduated in Dance Therapy and Sufi dance. Trained to Buto lights, she fed her research and practice of movement by also studying Qi Gong and Samâ Yoga, two fields that she still teaches nowadays: she approaches movement with respect, awareness and subtlety.

Her conception of dance is initiatory and it is through whirling dervishes dance that she found how to express.

She is a member of UNESCO IDC, International Dance Council.

Meanwhile, her personal research led her to explore different ways such as Raja Yoga, Sufism, shamanism and to practice the art of meditation for more the 40 years.

Her path goes through love, through her heart and her guide and master goes through body wisdom.

“The true miracle is not to walk on water or to fly in the air, it is to reach the sky while walking on Earth.” Houe√Ø Neng